Bill Keis – BMI CAE/IPI #: 612645270

Bill’s compositions have been featured on:

Movie: Avengers, Age of Ultron 2015

TV: General Hospital, Let’s Make A Deal, Faked My Own Death, March of Dimes commercials and various documentaries,

Live stage shows and in several music libraries

CDs: Bill Keis (Journey, Welcome Home, Smile) Power Jazz, (Live Again), jazz/blues vocalist Izzy Chait, pop vocalist Geree, Latin teen star Angelica Rose, and The Sudden Move Band.

“Composing music is an incredibly rewarding activity. It is rewarding in terms of fun and a sense of accomplishment, as well as potential financial considerations. Even though the mechanics of music (keys, scales, chords, rhythms, etc.) are finite, the ways they can be put together into a piece of music are infinite.” -Bill Keis

Bill Keis Composer Reel

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Bill started playing piano at age 5.  He studied classical & jazz privately and began to compose music by age 11.  Bill was fortunate to also study and play cello, trombone and sing in various choirs from grade school through graduating high school.  This helped form a broad foundation for his work.

His studies continued at Berklee College of Music in  Boston and later with several prominent private teachers in Los Angeles including an Orchestration class at the Musician’s Union.

His extensive performance credits (Chaka Khan, Mark Isham, Billy Sheehan, Alexander Markov, Chick Corea, David Campbell,  Jay Leno – to name a few) also added to his expertise as a composer.

His work has been compared to: Chick Corea, Herbie Hancock, Duke Ellington, Stevie Wonder, Elton john, James Horner and Mark Isham.


What sets Bill apart from other upcoming composers?  The answer is the depth of emotion he imbues into his art which certainly reaches the listener.