I can’t wait to go to the NAMM show this year (not new news…I’m always excited about going). It’s like being a kid in a candy store.

I like to preview new keyboard releases before going to the show.  I just checked out the new Korg Prologue.  Very impressive.

[By the way, a review I read said it has an OTA.  Having no clue what that is, I looked it up.  OTA is an abbreviation for Operational Transconductance Amplifier.  Wikipedia has an article about that.]

While watching numerous YouTube videos of the new Korg, it occurred to me that music technology continues to advance, but it seems the level of musicianship has not.

What is the goal of the modern musician?  To play an instrument well or to use software in a computer to play loops, make beats, etc.?  I’ve talked to many young musicians who do that.  To me this is sad, because there is great joy in actually playing an instrument.

I’m not saying everyone should strive to be as good as Chick Corea, Herbie Hancock or Keith Emerson.  However, they are good examples of musicians who used keyboards to make amazing music.  They didn’t just have the “computer” generate music for them.

There’s nothing wrong with the new technology.  I use it daily.  But my advise is: don’t forget to learn to play too!

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