Musicians I’ve played/recorded with

Some of the many great musicians I’ve been fortunate to play with


Stanley Clarke, Ric Fierabracci, Steve Billman, Adam Cohen, Mike Merritt, Kevin Axt, David Carpenter, Randy Landas, John Leftwich, Tony Newton, Chuck Jacobs


Tom Walsh,  John Ferraro, Tom Brechtlein, Joel Taylor, Kendal Kay, David Garibaldi, Gerry Brown, Herman Matthews, Russ Miller, Jim Wilcox


George Shelby, Jerry Vivino, Andy Suzuki, Jim Honeyman, Brandon Fields, Mike Nelson, Mike Acosta, Vince Denham


Mark Isham, Jon Pappenbrook, Lee Thornberg, Ron Ruvio, Ron King


Mitch Talevi, Grant Geissman, Blake Aaron, Chuck Lorre


Reggie Young, Eric Jorgensen


Izzy Chait, Edgar Winter, James Barber, Ronnie Spector,  Stacy Francis, Judy Norton, Donny Most, Chaka Khan, Maxine Nightingale, David Sherry, Michael Duff, Taylor Dayne, Norman Fox, Kaye Ballard, The Pointer Sisters, Marian Frizelle


Initiation, Spice, Overland Express, Me & My Friends, The Ministry of Rock ‘n Roll, TKP, Music Unlimited, Raw Silk, The Bill Keis Group, Chico, The Real Deal, The Hollywood Rhythm Kings, Diamond is Forever, Steve Spiegl Big Band, L.A.Rhythm Crew, Tyrone Anthony Band, Susie Hansen Latin Band, 2azz1