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My new pair of QSC K12’s arrived at noon on Monday Sept 19.  How cool!!  I quickly set them up in my studio and played my Korg Kronos through them to find the optimum settings for me.

I was very impressed with the sound quality and the design.  Very nice is the weight, only 41 lbs. each. The tote bags I ordered were so cool.  Very easy to get the cabinets in and out of them.

For me the best sound was to use them in the vertical position behind me about 2.5 feet apart and up off the floor (on milk crates).  By they way, did I mention they are LOUD?  Very loud, which is good because there is lots of headroom.  I found what I thought would be the loudest setting I’d ever use and packed them up for my gig that night.

OK, why did I say they arrived just in time?

OMG, my gig was in downtown LA at a club called The Vault with the band CHICO.  We had never played there before.  It was a Monday night and a private party for some company.  The club was standing room only!  Wow, it was so much like the iconic Studio 54 in NYC complete with a house sound system for the DJ (and for the band) that was, in my opinion, way overkill for the room.  I thought I’d hit a time warp!

I had to play my QSC K12’s 2x louder than I had previously thought would be the loudest!

So, they worked like a charm and I could hear myself!

I’m looking forward to the next gig to hear them at a more reasonable volume!


This blog category is gonna be about my adventures as a live performer.  There are often funny things that occur on my gigs as well as wonderful aesthetic moments.  I will talk about these and other related topics.