Musical Director Hat

After years of being the keyboardist/musical director for many different artists, I’ve developed a job description.  Below is a brief summary.

Overall my job is to help create a professional, viable product both for live performances and recorded music that will be well thought of and be a high standard, as close to other successful performers as possible, within a reasonable budget.  Also, to help make things run smoothly so we all can make music and have fun!

My duties are: 

  • help choose songs and/or co-write new ones
  • write arrangements/charts
  • rehearse with the artist
  • write the set list
  • choose personnel in band who are great musicians and nice guys
  • hire & fire musicians
  • give gig details to the musicians
  • rehearse the band
  • determine appropriate band pay and inform the artist
  • play the gigs and direct the band during the gigs
  • find soundman & roadies as needed
  • deal with the technical details of sound equipment
  • create stage plot and input list, give to sound crew in advance
  • create a band of happy musicians by granting them beingness to do their thing, so they won’t have any unexpressed resentment
  • police the lines within the band to keep the band morale high
  • handle communication between the artist and the band
  • give & receive info with the artist management re: schedules, band bios, etc
  • in general flow power to the artist
  • produce the recordings
  • do any correction cycles with the band and/or the artist to correct outnesses in the live performances and recordings


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